Omnibus is a collaborative company focused on print and web typeface design and typography. Our challenge is to provide fonts and families at the highest aesthetic and technical level.

Archivo Black is a grotesque font from Omnibus-Type. It was originally designed for highlights and headlines. This family is reminiscent of late nineteenth century American typefaces.

Archivo Narrow was designed to be used simultaneously in print and digital platforms. The technical and aesthetic characteristics of this typeface are both crafted for high performance typography.

Asap offers a standarised character width on all styles, which means lines of text remain the same length. This useful feature allows users to change type styles on-the-go without reflowing a text body.

Asap Symbol is a libre icon-font specially designed as a pictographic complement for Asap Typeface. It has a comprehensive set of more than 150 glyphs, covering contexts of education, public spaces, health, tourism and transport.

Bahiana is rustic, fresh and casual, as if carved in wood. Its compressed structure is ideal for titles and short texts. All letters offers subtle alternatives, making it the perfect font to achieve fun and freshness.

Barrio is based on hand-lettering and recover the freshness of the street little shops. Particularly remarkable for its rhythmic contrast. Furthermore amateur appearance making it ideal font for warm communication.

Chivo is a grotesque typeface. The strength of Chivo makes it ideal for highlights and headlines. Chivo Regular's elegance is ideal for combining with Chivo Black's strength and for continuous reading settings.

Rosario is a classic semiserif typeface, weak contrast and smooth endings. Produced carefully, nice and elegant, ideal for magazines and academic journals. Rosario is the name of the city where the designer lives.

Sansita is a tasty font. The flavor of Sansita's lowercase explores the relationship between typography and calligraphy. The elegance of Sansita's uppercase makes this an excellent choice for packaging and branding.

Unna is a kindly font, whose character is expressed through soft serifs and intense contrast, causing the typical vertical texture of neo-classical fonts. Unna is the surname of the mother of the designer.